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What is The Daily Progger?

Updated: Jan 24

  • Welcome to The Daily Progger. We're not 100% sure yet what this website will become but we aim to create interesting, educational content for programmatic experts in a variety of formats - and have some big dreams that could be stupid, or awesome.

  • One of those big dreams is to develop a talent evaluation system for programmatic experts, like an NFL scouting report. While this could be shared with employers in some form if you want, our goal is actually to make this purely for your development. The idea is that by using our anonymized template for uploading reports from DCM (or your ad server of choice) we can evaluate your campaign performance as well as setup skills & consistency and provide clear rankings that illustrate where you land nationally by skill, within each category we track - Strategy, Accuracy, and Consistency (SAC for short). This doesn't provide a full picture, but we also hope to be able to show you how your workload compares to the average trader.

  • A site by programmatic people, for programmatic people.

  • We'll build out free and paid courses, share tips, connect you with mentors, and anything else we can think of to help.

So, what is The Daily Progger? We hope you stick around to find out.

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