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New On-Demand Therapy App For Ad Agency Employees Overwhelmed by Demand

Story reported by Gene Parmesan. Tampa Bay, FL. Monday, July 10th, 2023.

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In a quiet suburb of Tampa Bay, under the lights of the Buccaneers stadium - Stacy H. sits down with us for an interview. Stacy is the CTO of a new therapy app created specifically for advertising agency employees and she is seeing some concerning signs. We asked how her app, KPIme, is different from a standard therapy offering - what unique needs does an agency patient have?

"Quite frankly, it's almost the exact same except our app has a few unique features.

1. Patients are given access to the last 365 days of their own mental health data with charts that make their sanity/insanity easier to visualize

2. Our therapists have sat through roughly 50 hours of training before they're in-platform. The training consists of actual sessions on the media platforms, including creating a campaign, tracking their time, and having to participate in at least one "all-hands" meeting. We also have them do sessions 1:1 with media buyers, by the time they emerge from the training they're well aware of the mindset agency patients come to us in.

3. Our app also includes their work calendar and email so therapy feels more like their favorite activity, work.

We're finding that the infrastructure we've built can barely keep up with demand, and the increasing focus on mental health among agency leaders is only driving that up - people are starting to realize that media buyers need therapy too. It's a revolutionary time."

- Gene Parmesan

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