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Making Mistakes In Programmatic Campaigns? Free Template!

We'll be creating an implementation course for on-demand access to train you on how to use this template if you need the help, or reach out to setup 1:1 or Group training!

If you work in programmatic advertising, or any other digital advertising, you'll occasionally make mistakes - it can feel like it's basically constant. This is largely because we as humans are trained to fixate on criticism and negative emotions for longer periods of time whereas that 'Atta-girl for a job well done on the last campaign is out of our minds the next day.

Use this error tracker to keep a detailed record of mistakes you're making, why would you want that?

  1. Understand how often you're making mistakes, it's possible you're actually really good at your job but your colleagues don't understand programmatic/media and do not register vendors mistakes in the same way. If you have a really involved leader/team maybe you can track error rates against other vendors you're utilizing so your team can better understand how you stack up against other media in terms of execution accuracy. If your agency is comfortable adopting performance tracking across the board using a benchmark becomes possible.

  2. Identify trends in mistakes and how to fix them

  3. Track your performance over time to tie data to performance plans

Ready to try it out? Here's our new template

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