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Local Programmatic Trader Emerges From 3-Year Coma. Doctors Mystified.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

- Chicago, IL

A family in the Little Italy neighborhood of Chicago recovered one of it's members they'd feared would never wake, today; reportedly Sara F. (30) collapsed during a Zoom call in her home. Her husband discovered her slumped over her keyboard, an already ended call with Sara the lone, silent participant.

"I just popped out to Taylor Wine and came back - I couldn't wake her up. The camera was on, but the meeting wasn't recording so I couldn't watch the replay", said her husband Derrick in an interview with ABC 7. This was in November of 2019, Sara's co-worker Stephen is a programmatic analyst on her team and when asked for comment shared that Sara had started looking flush and panicky before passing out after it was confirmed on the call that the client "had approved the media plan before the deadline". Stephen went on further to note that this was the first time it had ever happened and he was "shocked as well, like totally".

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